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09 Jun 2014

NASA Blasts Off 12 Innovative Space Technology Ideas

The US space agency NASA has selected 12 futuristic space technology ideas for research under the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Programme. The ideas aim to focus on breakthrough technologies that will change space exploration in the future, a NASA release said.

The proposals include a submarine to explore the methane lakes of Titan, using neutrinos to perform measurements for the icy moons of the outer planets, a concept to safely capture a tumbling asteroid and space debris, along with other applications.

The 12 proposals for study under Phase I of the NIAC programme aim to turn science fiction into reality through pioneering technology development, said NASA.

"The latest NIAC selections include a number of exciting concepts for planetary exploration," said Michael Gazarik, NASA's associate administrator for the Space Technology Mission Directorate in Washington.

"We are working with innovators around the nation to transform the future of aerospace and also focusing our investments on concepts to address challenges of current interests - both in space and here on earth," he added.

NASA chose all proposals for the NIAC 2014 based on their potential to transform future aerospace missions, by enabling either entirely new missions or breakthroughs in future aerospace capabilities that could accelerate progress for the US space agency's goals.

The NIAC Phase I proposals will receives about $100,000 to conduct a nine-month initial study of their concepts. If the basic feasibility study is successful, awardees can apply for a Phase II funding that provides up to $500,000 for two more years of concept development study.

Source: Business Insider