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08 May 2014

General Electric brings advanced 3-D printing technology to India

General Electric sets up an advanced plant in Chakan, Pune and will manufacture engines, turbines and jets fitted with 3-D printed parts, for the first time in India.

  • 3d-printer Representational Image of 3D Printing. Agencies Getty Images

For the first time in India, manufacturing of engines, turbines and jets fitted with 3-D printed parts will be done in Chakan. "The company has installed the first 3-D printing machine at the Chakan plant," said Thomas Mitchell, the General Manager, supply chain, distributed power, GE Water & Power. The plant will have its formal opening later this year. "We will start with plastics(printing plastic parts) and then get into metal parts/components," he added. 

3-D printing is used in creating parts, components, models and prototypes. It is also used to print three-dimensional solid objects from a digital mode. GE is investing $200 million in the manufacturing facility. This will be the first multi-modal industry manufacturing facility catering to the needs of its diverse business from power to aviation to transportation to healthcare from the same manufacturing facility.

Source: DNA News