Friday, April 10 2020
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Licensing Opportunities
Licensing Opportunities
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The DDC as it is called, extracts 20-30% more power from the solar panels than what is done normally. It is not to be confused with the MPPT chargers available that will extract maximum power during the peak sunshine periods. Typically, solar panels start delivering power from 10.30 AM to 3.30. PM in an area where sun is available from 8-5PM. So the solarpanels work only for 5 hours in a 9 hour solar time window. So it is working only 55% of the available sun time. The DDC on the other hand will extract the incremental power available during the dead time of 8-10.30 and 3.30-5 using a proprietary patent pending technique  thereby increasing the power output of the solar panel by almost 30%. So an application that requires a 100W panel will need to use only a 70W panel which brings in savings in the form of less panel used and also less space used. This is ideal for northern latitudes where the sun is available only for 3-4 hours during winter but daylight is available till 8-9 PM in summer when maximum power can be extracted from the panels.
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