IiRA – Investment, Innovation & Research Alliance - facilitates and supports the research and innovation ecosystem through a holistic approach to investment, innovation systems and collaborative research.

At IiRA, we are uniquely positioned to deliver this promise by leveraging our experience, extensive networks and deep insights in the realm of research and investment. We are advisors to renowned organizations including Fraunhofer-Gesselschaft, the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research, and several leading players from industry.

How Investment Innovation & Research Alliance Helps?

Innovation is a top priority for IIRA. In order to transform the way we serve clients, develop our people, and lead our industry, we are investing more time, resources, and money than ever before.
Collaborate To Co-create The Future
One Organization or Entity Can Do Only So Much. But if We Collaborate, the Power of That Relationship Brings Value That is Exponential. For Example, 1+1 is Not 2 but 11. So, the More People and Organizations Collaborate, the More Value is Created That’s Exponential.
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